Freeform fun with weaving

Sprang and weaving is a nice combination. I am experimenting with it.
I will show you some pictures here of work in progress and the finished work, so that you can get an idea of how I work.
I start with weaving. Then I add sprang in between. With a crochet hook and cardboard I add loops for a new part of sprang. In this new part I also use weaving in between the fields of the sprang. Then I add again a weaving part....
again sprang in between the weaving at both ends. Again I am adding to it..... This time I am using a large loom for hair pin lace for the sprang. I am crossing the sprang by weaving.....

weaving and sprangAdding new threads for sprang
weaving againcrossing sprangfreeform sprang

Sprang at the rigid heddle loom
Recently I bought a rigid heddle loom for weaving. Of course I want to combine my weaving with sprang.... I still have to experiment with it a bit, but I like my first results with it. I just have done a normal sprang with holes in between the weaving. After each row I have put a weaving thread at both sides of the shed.
In the middle and at one other place I used a strip of fabric. 

sprang and weaving

Working with the DIY Weaver of Martha Stewart
Next sample is made using the DIY Weaver. Because the pegs are moveable, it is possible to do small pieces of sprang at this useful tool too. Note that I have moved part of the pegs in the second picture, because of the sprang part.
Also note that I use a double warping thread, because of the sprang (you need a front- and a back thread).

Sprang and weaving at DIY Weaver
Sprang and weaving at DIY weaver
Sprang and weaving at DIY weaver