sprang bird tutorial
01-02-2019  14:10

February 1, 2019

I have added a tutorial of a sprang bird to this website.

You can find it here

Sprang and embroidery
28-09-2018  18:52

At this moment I am following an online course in embroidery. Of course I want to combine my embroidery with sprang, whenever this is possible. Curious about how I do this? Have a look at this link.

Bag with sprang and Hedebo embroidery
31-07-2018  19:33

The bag covered with sprang and Hedebo embroidery is ready.

Sprang and Hedebo

More pictures of it you can find at my project page at Ravelry.


Sprang and Hedebo (again)
01-07-2018  12:06

Do you remember my sprang and Hedebo embroidery from last Summer? I am now back to sprang and Hedebo embroidery and I want to include the piece I made last year into the project of this Summer: I want to cover a large bag with this...

I already made some new pieces of freeform sprang and Hedebo embroidery. 

Sprang and Hedebo embroidery

Sprang flower
29-04-2018  19:59

Finally I did some sprang again! I made a sprang flower, using crochet to finish the sprang and manipulating it into a flower....

sprang flower

Carol James
20-03-2018  14:38

At the moment I am not doing sprang.... but I hope to be back to sprang soon.

In the meantime I want to share with you the interesting website of Carol James - spranglady.

She really is a queen of sprang.... So I had to add her website to my page links.

Making my own “yarn”
28-01-2018  19:57

I like to experiment with materials and recycle things. Someone gave me a lot of imitation leather fabric. I had to think about it some time how to use it...  but today I discovered how to make “yarn” from it: Just cut small strips of fabric, sew them together to get more length and make cords of it.... (twisting the strips).

Making your own yarn

Sprang angel
13-12-2017  09:22

Recently I added 3 new videos to my You Tube channel Sprangria.

With these 3 videos you can make a sprang angel. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

The other 2 videos you need to make the sprang angel are "Holes all across the warp" and "Intertwined sprang - Left over right".


More inspiration: Chieko Aihara
13-11-2017  19:14

Chieko Aihara makes beautiful art, using the sprang technique and other techniques. Her experimental pieces of sprang have been very inspirational to me. So it is time to share with you her beautiful website

She also has made a sprang tutorial series - which you can see at her You Tube channel (link at her website)


Links about sprang
22-10-2017  10:02

At this moment I myself am not very active with sprang, because I am working at a large dragon with freeform crochet for my art project Feathers and dragons.

But.... I am still very enthusiastic about sprang and so I thought to share with you a couple of websites of other people who do sprang. I have created a page links for this. 

The first website I would like to share with you is the website Krosienky sprang. Click at the English flag, above right, to change the language to English if necessary. At this website you will find a lot of information and inspiration about sprang, including a beginner's project - making a bag.


Sprang and Hedebo embroidery - a tutorial
14-08-2017  12:52

This week I am DFAD (Designer for a day) at the IFFF (International Freeform Forum) at Ravelry, for the CKWAL ((Crocheting, Knitting, Weaving Along) Have Freeform, Will Travel. In this CKWAL we are exploring different techniques from different regions/countries. The inspiration for my DFAD turn is from Denmark: A sprang hairnet and Hedebo embroidery. The sprang is quite simple with multiple twists and ridges, but I have tried to add some freeform elements in it. Well - just have a look at my new page, Sprang and Hedebo embroidery, where you can find the tutorial.

Sprang and weaving at my new DIY Weaver
30-07-2017  12:28

At the page sprang and weaving I have added a bit about playing with small parts of sprang combined with freeform weaving. I bought a new tool for this: The DIY Weaver. I enjoy playing with this! I think the DIY weaver has still more possibilities to explore....

Sprang and weaving

More video's
24-04-2017  08:20

I have published some more video's about sprang at You Tube now. Some are of the sprang basics, others are already a bit more advanced.

I have added a video about some of the frames you can use for sprang too. 

Also you can find information about how to make holes in sprang, playing with warp transposition and much more. Just have a look at my channel Sprangria at You Tube and you will find them all....

First video's at You Tube
30-03-2017  19:01

I am very proud that I managed to get my very first video's at You Tube!

I have made 3 short video's now about the basics of sprang: How to prepare for sprang and how to do the plait row and the overplait row in the basic Z twist.

My name at You Tube is also Sprangria. Here is the link to my You Tube channel.

New page at Facebook
25-03-2017  18:52

Some of you will probably already know: I have a new page at Facebook, called Sprangria. At this new page I share my journey in sprang in combination with other techniques. I have choosen the name Sprangria, because my name (Ria) is in it. 

I also plan to make video's about sprang, which I will share at You Tube. When my first video is ready I will shout it out here and at the page Sprangria at Facebook.

To be continued....

Sprang with Finnish paper yarn and the locker hook
13-02-2017  13:46

At the page of sprang and embroidery I have added an article about sprang with paper yarn in combination with the use of the locker hook.

I have enjoyed this to me new combination and I hope some of you will enjoy it too....



Sprang and rope sculptures
03-02-2017  19:46

Inspired by the work and a video of Judy Tadman I have made a very small sample using her technique. For the video have a look here.

Of course I had to add a tiny bit of sprang in the openings I created. You can fine my small sample at this page at Ravelry. The orange parts are very tiny sprangs.

Sprang and embroidery
20-01-2017  08:51

In my December break I have done some experiments with sprang and embroidery. I just added a new page to this website about this.

This is only just a beginning.... So I hope it will inspire you to do your own experiments.

December break with sprang
13-12-2016  19:40

It is time for my December break again. Each year in December I need to have a break from the normal things I am doing. I need some time to reflect the past year, look forward to the new one and listen to what is the new that wants to be born.... This is also an excellent time for me to write at my fairytale of the frightened little bird and the dragon (for my project Feathers and dragons).

I also want to save some time to do some new experiments with sprang in combination with other techniques. I hope to be able to show you something from this experimenting in the beginning of the new year. But for now I want to wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A GOOD START OF THE NEW YEAR!

There are again some more pictures of my double patterned sprang at my page for this at Ravelry.

More patterned double sprang
30-11-2016  08:56

I have been experimenting a bit more with patterned double sprang and finally I am getting the results I want. 

You can find some pictures of my experiments in patterned double sprang at my page for this at Ravelry.

Patterned double sprang
02-11-2016  08:24

At the moment I am studying the possibilities of patterned double sprang. So I am back to sprang again, although now more structured as freeform.

For patterned double sprang I am using the method that is described in the book of Peter Collingwood - so this is a different method as the one I described at this site. In the method I am using now you only work at one side of the frame - and it is more easy to change the colors from front to back and back to front.

I like to use both methods for double sprang - in my more free work I really like to work at both sides of the frame, as I described at this page.

Temporary no sprang
19-10-2016  08:28

At this moment I am not working with sprang, so there is already some time no news here at this site.....  Not that I am not creative, but I am just using some othere techniques right now. But no worries - I still very much like the technique of (freeform) sprang and will use it again.

If you like you can follow my other website Feathers and dragons to see what I am doing at the moment. 

Embellishing sprang
25-08-2016  15:50

It has been a long time since I have added to this site.... I am still working at my art project Feathers and dragons and I am still using sprang - but since my fairytale screen with sprang is finished I have worked a bit less with freeform sprang for a while - so not very much to show for a while...

However at the moment I am working at a big black bird and for this bird I am again using sprang, in combination with knitting. Because it is a bird I want to give my work a feathery look, so I have experimented a bit with scraps of lace fabric added to the sprang. 

More information about this you can find at this new page at this site.

scraps of fabric added to sprang

An experiment
29-06-2016  18:22

Not exactly freeform, but still an experiment: I have been playing with a combination of intertwined and interlinked sprang. Also in combination with hairpin lace (picture, bottom left),

combinatie interlinked en intertwined sprang

New pictures in the gallery
12-05-2016  20:28

It has taken me some time to finish a folding screen with a lot of freeform sprang in combination with other techniques. But I am very proud to be able to show you some pictures of it now.

Just go to the gallery to see the new pictures I have added.

Not much action?
03-04-2016  19:36

It seems there is not much action here.... I have been silent at this site for weeks already.....  But.... I will be back here. In my art project Feathers and dragons I have used sprang to make the nest for the weaver bird. You can find a picture of this nest at my project page for the weaver bird at Ravelry.

This nest is hanging at a branch in my folding screen (which is actually not really a folding screen any more). At the moment I am working at the branch - making leaves in Margaretenspitze, which is another great technique I am using. I am using the book Margaretenspitze written by Heike Becker for this.

Sprang and weaving
13-03-2016  20:27

At the end of the page sprang and weaving you can find out more about my new experiment in sprang at a rigid heddle loom for weaving.

Tutorial double sprang
01-03-2016  19:52

I have corrected the tutorial of the double sprang, because there was a mistake in it concerning the color of the safety cord at each side of the frame.

I also added a link to a complete new tutorial to this page. I think the new one is more comprehensive and more clear. But please let me know if you are using one of my tutorials and do not understand. I hope everything is clear, but English is not my first language - so do not hesitate to ask. You can use the contact page at this site for this.

Interview with me about freeform sprang
13-02-2016  19:39

At the website of Sylva Antony Cekalova you can read an interview with me about freeform sprang, including some pictures of my work. If the interview open in Czech, you can click at the British flag at the upper right to get it translated into English.

New tutorial for basic intertwined sprang
07-02-2016  19:34

I just added a new tutorial to this site. It is a tutorial for intertwined sprang, basic left over right crossing. I hope you enjoy it.

New page about working 3D
06-02-2016  19:57

I have added a new page to this site, with some of my mushrooms, made in a combination of sprang and crochet.

Tutorial starting simple now finished
31-01-2016  19:40

I have finally finished the tutorial "starting simple"

In this tutorial you will see how you can start a patchwork sprang at a simple frame of cardboard.

Also you can learn how working with 2 colors can help you in interlinked sprang. Hope you will enjoy this tutorial. And please, show me your results, if you give it a try. Come over to the group Sprang at Facebook or send me a message, using the contact page at this site.

06-01-2016  17:59

I am working at a new tutorial, about starting simple with a cardboard frame. It may take some time before it is finished, but the beginning of it you can find here.

Christmas break
24-12-2015  19:42

Not a lot of news at the moment.... I am still active, but it does not show here yet... 

I hope to bring something new here again in the New Year.

In the meantime I am wishing all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy and creative New Year.

First tutorial ready
06-12-2015  20:41

I made a tutorial about starting a double sprang. This is a tutorial for the already a bit more advanced...

I hope to write more tutorials in future, also a bit less advanced ......

Probably this will not be before next year, but you never know.... So please come and visit this site again now and then, to see what is new.....

And if you have any questions or remarks (maybe also about my English) please let me know. You can contact me here or at the group about sprang at Facebook or my page Feathers and dragons.

A special meeting
28-11-2015  17:52

Yesterday I had a special meeting with Carol James and Ria Luiten in my growing fairytale wood.

As you maybe know, Carol James is one of the big names in the land of sprang; so I am very glad that I could meet her again. It is always so inspiring.....

I am very impressed with the work of Carol. You can find pictures of her work at her website.

Below I will share a  picture of Carol and me, hiding behind the folding screen of freeform sprang (in combination with other techniques) that I am making. 

Ria Luiten took this lovely picture.

Ria Hooghiemstra and Carol James hiding behind.....